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Apply to become a Pure-Light® Commercial Distributor

Interested in helping to make the world a better place?

Love cutting edge (one-of-a-kind) products?

Want to start your own sales and/or sales and service business with the full benefit and support of a company that will provide inventory management, product fulfillment, financial record keeping for orders and commissions, and customer service?

We are currently seeking self-motivated individuals who are interested in marketing our proprietary Pure-Light® Technology as well as those who want a larger business and income opportunity by becoming a Certified Pure-Light® Commercial Coating Specialists (you can be a Distributor only, or a Distributor/Certified Coating Specialist).

Distributor Options:

1. Distributor: Sell Bulbs Retail & Wholesale

The Pure-Light® Commercial Distributorship is a $1500 investment in your new Pure-Light® Retail and Wholesale business inventory, marketing, and management tools. Your distributor package will include:

  • Retail and Wholesale websites complete with back office to run your Pure-Light® business: training, marketing tools, lead management, quoting package, automated order fulfillment and record keeping for sales, distributor team activity and commissions.
  • Products valued at over $1,800 in sample products and materials:
    • Downloadable marketing brochures, flyers
    • Pure-Light® business card template
    • Bulbs
      • 1 case of 50 bulbs - LED A-19 Dimmable
      • 4 LED A-19 DH-L Dimmable
      • 6 LED Candelabra Dimmable
      • 2 LED Dimmable 4” Can
      • 4 LED Tube 48 INCH T8 "hybrid bulbs”
  • Sell from your Pure-Light® RETAIL site at retail prices and earn 40% commissions.
  • Buy from your Pure-Light® Commercial site at WHOLESALE prices (30% below retail)
    • You will be entitled to market the wholesale products at either the listed price, or the price you deem appropriate for your market. (Mass marketing restrictions apply)
    • You will also receive 10% commission on your commercial sales.
  • Bring other distributors into your business - get paid a commission on the sales of those distributors.
    • Earn 10% commission on the sales of Level 1 Distributors.
    • Earn 5% commission on the sales of Level 2 Distributors.
  • Entitled to upgrade to a Commercial Coating Specialist (see below).
  • 1-day Valuable Training Program Included (attendance optional)

2. Commercial Coating Specialist (CCS1) - General Grade

Special Pricing - $4,500.00 (RED HOT SUMMER SPECIAL $4,000 off Regular $8,500)

  • Includes all benefits of a Commercial Bulb Distributor listed above.
  • Attend a 2-day training and become Certified to apply Pure-Light® Coatings in homes, businesses, schools, nursing homes, retirement homes, gymnasiums, government buildings and venues other than medical facilities and hospitals (requires hospital training and certification).
  • Receive over $3,500 in products and materials including:
    • Downloadable marketing brochures, flyers
    • Pure-Light® business card template
    • 1 liter of Pure-Light® SaniCoat® Hard Surface Coating
    • Hand Sprayer 150 PSI with Regulator, Water Separator, & Tip
    • Bulbs:
      • 12 LED A-19 Dimmable bulbs
      • 4 LED A-19 DH-L Dimmable
      • 6 LED Candelabra Dimmable
      • 2 LED Dimmable 4” Can
      • 4 LED Tube 48 INCH T8 "hybrid bulbs”

Application Process

  1. Fill out web application form below and submit
  2. Receive approval (may be subject to basic background check)
  3. Receive, complete, and return Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  4. Receive, complete, and return Commercial Distributor Agreement
  5. Pay for your Distributor level
  6. Receive your retail and commercial sites and login information

* Any information obtained during this application process will be strictly held in confidence, and not shared or sold to anyone

Use the form below to Apply to become a Commercial Pure-Light® Distributor and Certified Commercial Coating Specialist.