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Apply to become a Pure-Light® Commercial Distributor

Interested in helping to make the world a better place?

Love cutting edge (one-of-a-kind) products?

Want to start your own sales and/or sales and service business with the full benefit and support of a company that will provide inventory management, product fulfillment, financial record keeping for orders and commissions, and customer service?

We are currently seeking self-motivated individuals who are interested in marketing our proprietary Pure-Light® Technology as well as those who want a larger business and income opportunity by becoming a Certified Pure-Light® Commercial Coating Specialists (you can be a Distributor only, or a Distributor/Certified Coating Specialist).

Distributor Options:

1. Distributor: Sell Bulbs Retail & Wholesale

The Pure-Light® Commercial Distributorship is a $1500 investment in your new Pure-Light® Retail and Wholesale business inventory, marketing, and management tools. Your distributor package will include:

  • Retail and Wholesale websites complete with back office to run your Pure-Light® business: training, marketing tools, lead management, quoting package, automated order fulfillment and record keeping for sales, distributor team activity and commissions.
  • Products valued at over $1,800 in sample products and materials:
    • Downloadable marketing brochures, flyers
    • Pure-Light® business card template
    • Bulbs
      • 1 case of 50 bulbs - LED A-19 Dimmable
      • 4 LED A-21 Dimmable
      • 6 LED Candelabra Dimmable
      • 2 LED Dimmable 4” Can
      • 4 LED Tube 48 INCH T8 "hybrid bulbs”
      • 5 Pure-Light® "I CARE" Window/Door/Bumper Stickers
  • Sell from your Pure-Light® RETAIL site at retail prices and earn 40% commissions.
  • Buy from your Pure-Light® Commercial site at WHOLESALE prices (30% below retail)
    • You will be entitled to market the wholesale products at either the listed price, or the price you deem appropriate for your market. (Mass marketing restrictions apply)
    • You will also receive 10% commission on your commercial sales.
  • Bring other distributors into your business - get paid a commission on the sales of those distributors.
    • Earn 10% commission on the sales of Level 1 Distributors.
    • Earn 5% commission on the sales of Level 2 Distributors.
  • Entitled to upgrade to a Commercial Coating Specialist (see below).
  • 1-day Valuable Training Program Included (attendance optional)

2. Commercial Coating Specialist (CCS1) - General Grade

Special Pricing - $4,500.00 (RED HOT SUMMER SPECIAL $4,000 off Regular $8,500)

  • Includes all benefits of a Commercial Bulb Distributor listed above.
  • Attend a 2-day training and become Certified to apply Pure-Light® Coatings in homes, businesses, schools, nursing homes, retirement homes, gymnasiums, government buildings and venues other than medical facilities and hospitals (requires hospital training and certification).
  • Receive over $3,500 in products and materials including:
    • Downloadable marketing brochures, flyers
    • Pure-Light® business card template
    • 1 liter of Pure-Light® SaniCoat® Hard Surface Coating
    • Hand Sprayer 150 PSI with Regulator, Water Separator, & Tip
    • Bulbs:
      • 12 LED A-19 Dimmable bulbs
      • 4 LED A-21 Dimmable
      • 6 LED Candelabra Dimmable
      • 2 LED Dimmable 4” Can
      • 4 LED Tube 48 INCH T8 "hybrid bulbs”
      • 5 Pure-Light® "I CARE" Window/Door/Bumper Stickers

Application Process

  1. Fill out web application form below and submit
  2. Receive approval (may be subject to basic background check)
  3. Receive, complete, and return Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  4. Receive, complete, and return Commercial Distributor Agreement
  5. Pay for your Distributor level
  6. Receive your retail and commercial sites and login information

* Any information obtained during this application process will be strictly held in confidence, and not shared or sold to anyone

Use the form below to Apply to become a Commercial Pure-Light® Distributor and Certified Commercial Coating Specialist.