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Apply to become a Pure-Light Commercial Distributor

--Use the form below to Apply to become a Commercial Pure-Light Distributor and Trained Commercial Coating Specialist.

We are currently seeking professionals to help us Commercially market our Pure-Light Products, and also Professionals who might also want to become Certified Pure-Light Commercial Coating Specialists.  (You can be a Distributor only, or a Distributor/Coating specialist.) 

  • As an Authorized Pure-Light Commercial Distributor, This allows you to market Pure-Light products and gives you access to Pure-Light products at Wholesale Prices, which are 30%-35% below retail, and receive a commission on such sales.
  • As a Certified Commercial Pure-Light Coating Specialist, which takes a substantial investment of money and time, you will be able to not only sell Pure-Light products at wholesale but also trained to purchase and apply the unique Pure-Light formulas for coating equipment, walls, floors, etc..

Dear Applicant, Please understand the following:

  • A Pure-Light Commercial Distributorship is a minimum $1500 investment. A Certified Commercial Coating Specialist which includes an investment in training, equipment and materials is substantially more.
  • All Commercial applicants will have a background check performed.
  • Any information obtained during this application process will be strictly held in confidence and not shared or sold to anyone.

Application Process

  1. Fill out application form and submit.
  2. Receive Tentative approval and an NDA (confidential Non Disclosure) form to fill out and submit.
  3. (after NDA is received)....Receive Back:
    • Details of the Pure-Light Commercial program
    • A Commercial Contract
  4. The Pure-Light Commercial Division will review your application and be in contact with you within the next 7 days. Watch your email.  (Also your junk folder)