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  1. Receive a Pure-Light® COMMERCIAL WEBSITE complete with automated order record keeping, delivery tracking, invoicing, inventory management, commission accounting, customer service.
  2. Buy Pure-Light® Commercial Products at wholesale pricing (30% below Retail). You also can:
    • Market and Advertise PLT products. 
    • Sell PLT products via either method below:
      • Buy at wholesale and sell at your own pricing – you will be responsible for warehousing, inventory processing, shipping, accounting & all record keeping
      • Sell directly from your Commercial/Retail site at Pure-Light® pricing - use of corporate automated record keeping and full customer service listed in #1 above
  3. Access to any corporate offerings of quantity discounts
    • Able to purchase PLT coating formulas and products
    • Authorized to apply PLT coatings in the field (huge potential income)
  5. Receive a 10% commission on Commercial/Wholesale sales
  6. Receive a 10% override on distributors you have recruited. (Level 1)
  7. Receive a 5% override on distributors your distributors have recruited (Level 2)
  8. Receive a personalized PLT Commercial/RETAIL WEBSITE to sell lower volume PLT bulbs at Retail pricing. This website has the same accounting and support benefits as your commercial site
  9. Receive 40% commissions on sales from your Commercial/Retail website. PLT provides the warehousing, shipping, tracking, commission accounting, pays sales taxes, and more 
  10. Open Territory (you can make sales in any state in the United States except Maryland)
  11. International markets can be discussed with Pure-Light® Corporate.  
  12. Receive over $1700 in sample products and materials, including
    • (2) Pure-Light® Coating wipes (coming soon)
    • Marketing brochures, flyers
    • Pure-Light® business card template 
    • Bulbs
      • 1 case of 50 bulbs - LED A-19 Dimmable
      • 4 LED A-21 Dimmable                                                              
      • 6 LED Candelabra Dimmable
      • 2 LED Dimmable 4” Can
      • 4 LED Tube 48 INCH T8 "hybrid bulbs”                  
Commercial Distributor - $$Business Opportunity$$ - $2500.00 worth of Product!
Commercial Distributor - $$Business Opportunity$$ - $2500.00 worth of Product!
Business Opportunity!...
SKU: PL/T-CDP-1500
$1,500.00 $1,500.00
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