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A19-D-HL  (High Lumens)

(1) 15 watt 1600 Lumens Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® LED Dimmable light bulb

Note: Dimmable bulbs work in non-dimmable light sockets. 
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Natural Daylight Color 

Technical specifications 

Wattage: 15 Watt
Bulb Shape: A19
Dimmable: Yes
Color Temperature: 5000 K
Height: 5.13"/13.03cm
Incandescent Equal: 100 watt
Light Source: LED
Lumens Per Watt: 100
Warranty: 5 Years
Voltage: 120  (US)
Base Type: Medium (E26)
Color: Frosted White
CRI: 80
Diameter: 2.73”/ 6.93cm
Life Hours: 25,000
Lumens (Initial): 1600
UL Listed: YES
Temp. range: -4°F to 122°F


For more a more comprehensive guide to the science behind how Pure-Light bulbs work, please follow this link to the Technology page. https://www.pure-light.com/Light-Technology

For more information please review our lab studies here.

Check out written and video testimonials here

  Features/Additional Information:

Air Purification System

-Bulbs must be open to the air, i.e. not in an enclosed lighting fixture, for the Pure-Light Air Purification system to work to greatest effect. 
-Effective radius is approximately 8-10 ft. 
-It takes a minimum of 45-65 minutes for the environmental cleansing effect to start after the light has been turned on. 

Shatter resistant
No scattered broken glass or deadly mercury release should the bulb be dropped.

Instant On
No more slow fade-in and fade-out as with older technology incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs.
Experience instant illumination with no fading or flicker.

Energy Efficient
Spend more on what you care more about, not your energy bill.
Start experiencing energy bill savings with the advanced LED technology this bulb provides.
For more information about energy savings with LED bulbs please visit www.energy.gov

Mercury free
Do your part for a greener world and take comfort in the knowledge that this bulb contains no harmful mercury.  

This product is ES, UL, FCC, CE RoHS, have a MSDS rating of "Non-Toxic", and is suitable for indoor use only.

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. This product may cause interference to radio equipment and should not be installed near maritime safety communications equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45-30 MHz. 

Patents pending. 

Note: these products are not intended to substitute for common hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing nor for competent medical advice/treatment.

Fall Savings (1) A19-D-HL Single Pack
Fall Savings (1) A19-D-HL Single Pack
100 watt replacement...
SKU: PL-1-A19--D-HL
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